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“Amount of time student spending on commute” By Ia Thao A research proposal submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for our AP Language Researched Argument Paper. Period 1 Bartlett High School 2013 Approved by: AP Language Teacher (Robin Koger) Date: AP Language & Composition Research Proposal By Ia Thao The Issue: The majority of college students today commute to campus, yet many misunderstandings about these students persist. The stereotypical view is that commuters are less committed to academic pursuits compared with their counterparts who go away to college and live on campus. They’re distracted by too many competing demands on their time because of work or family commitments. As a result they aren’t as involved as other students. And did not involve in any activity, community, and outdoors sport. Primary Claim: Our students should not be distracted by too many competing demands on their time of work so that they can achieve their needs of education and success for it. These days many students were being distract and defocussing on their education. Most of students were like other students, say that they were good enough and smart enough but the truth is that they’re lie. The more you had been distracted by the more unsuccessful you are. Student should focus more and should not commute to campus. Why this is important to me: This is important because when you commute to campus and did not focusing on your education, you lost your experiences of learning. I have been through this kind of problems and yes it does very distracted. Example, my oldest sister went to college. She been through a lot of works and Purpose and Audience: I’m writing this paper in order to let audience know that student Research Methods: My research methods will include hard work,

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