A Day Without Media

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A day without media Nowadays, living without technology is impossible. The ICMPA research paper about "A Day Without Media" shows that how much is media important for some students. Also these research indicate that a day without media has its own positive and negative effects to each student. One of the positive effects for some students was focusing more in class and homework which improve their grades . These students mentioned that because they did not have access to internet, they have more time to study. In addition, one student said that he had never studied for a test three days ahead but he did it because he had more free time. All these students were satisfied with their grades. They were pleased that they spent their valuable time to study instead of wasting it. I as a student in the Glendale College noticed that internet is one of the important media for most of the students for their research. Some of us use the internet properly but unfortunately most of the students addicted to it. Underneath the report’s copious responses conveying the pain and agony of media darkness, shining brightly like jewels, were students’ reports of positive results including things such as increased perception of one’s environment, heightened feelings of peacefulness, surprising levels of productiveness, better academic focus and performance, quality time with loved-ones, and even improved nutrition! The section entitled “Advantages of Unplugging” was the one for which I had the most affinity. What I recall most easily about my day without media was time spent with loved-ones. Knowing that I would have to keep entertained without media for the day, I planned a trip, for my two kids and I, to visit the California Science Center to see the Endeavour. It was a pleasure to spend the day at the center with my kids and see them excited and engaged by the many exhibits. By
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