Why Is Change Difficult for Supply Chain Members?

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Why is change Difficult for supply chain members? Change is difficult for the supply chain because it involves change within the company, community, as well as the entire country. To begin, change is difficult within the company because you must get everyone on the same page in order to accept and support the change. This change within the company can be through the culture with actions like careful planning. The culture can also be changed by establishing closer relationships with all members of the supply chain such as the customer, supplier, and union relationships. Secondly, the company must have a good relationship with the community considering a company is using community resources. However, many corporate interests are not always focused on the immediate community. There may also be changing laws and regulations in the community such as special interest groups that may impede or prevent a change from occurring. Also the infrastructure of a community may be hard to change considering the financial investment required to add new roads, security may upset the community from temporary disruptions. Lastly, it takes much longer for an entire country to change and adapt because there will be many people that support it as well as oppose decisions. The environment surrounding all supply chains makes it hard to change considering the complexity,outsourcing, competition, and e-commerce. First off, supply chains are very in-depth and complex, meaning that change is never easy considering all the different products and services each supply chain offers. Secondly, this difficult environment is also affected by outsourcing the manufacturing processes as well as the provisions of services. Thirdly, the competitive environment is constantly changing and the only way to stay on top is to remain innovative plus insuring that the performance of the supply chain continues

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