Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University: Essay Questions And Answers

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MGMT 436 Final Examination Alex Merkel Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Instructions This is an untimed, open-book and open-notes exam. Any and all class materials can be used to complete the exam. However, it is an independent exam and collaboration between students is not allowed. The exam is based on the course textbook chapters 6 through 10. The exam is separated into specific text chapters with multiple choice and essay answer type questions for each chapter. Please maintain the one separate page per chapter format in responding. Essay questions responses should be a short paragraph and not exceed the individual chapter page space. Therefore, the completed exam will consist…show more content…
This advantage is most especially important in the technologies sector, in which a definitive product of specific design or purpose sets the standards for which other organizations can find most difficult to match. Though designs may be similiar in style, the cause of entering into an untapped “arena” may provide unparalled precedence in the industry. Additionally, being a first mover provides the organization the ability to set pricing at whichever value suffices its tactical goals (primary goals), as well as an enhanced demand for a rather new and innovative product. However, the problem with being a first mover is actually based upon the contrary to what is mentioned above. Without prior market penetration of an organization’s competetitors, the usefulness and effectiveness of properly marketing a new product or service can be quite burdensome. This is due to the fact that an organization runs a major risk of constantly striving to maintain its customer base, as the new type of product or service has not yet been introduced into the maintstream. Additionally, pricing may be an issue based upon: Should pricing be very low to attract new buyers?, or Should pricing be set high to offset initial entry into a new marketplace? These are the questions that an organization must face, but for the most part, being a…show more content…
At this point, sales are virtually diminished, pricing is considerably offset from market trends, and the ability to maintain a level of profitability becomes a major challenge. An organization can put forth efforts in the attempt to reverse, or otherwise avoid, the decline stage by a few idealogic strategies, all of which are designed to readapt and conform to newly enhanced demands by the industry and its respective consumers. Most importantly, an organization can empower itself to readapt and act in a proactive manner by analyzing market trends and determining the future scope of a certain type of product or service within a reasnable timeframe prior to the onset of saturation and declination. Perhaps it would be in the best interest of an organization to produce/ provide a product of similar fashion, yet a unique alternative, before actually retiring or discontuing a product. For production to end indefinitely of a specific good, an alternative must be researched, produced, and introduced into the marketplace at the same time to create an equilibrium of market introduction of one product and declination of another. An example of this would be the beer industry, in which seasonal beers are not ultimately discontinued until production has occured for next season’s

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