Swot Analysis Final Paper

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SWOT Analysis CanGo is made up of multiple internal and external factors that are both favorable and unfavorable to the company’s future plans and success. A SWOT analysis helps to breaks these areas down to fully understand their impacts on the organization. CanGo does have unfavorable factors including internal weaknesses, and external threats. Weaknesses that have been identified include an unorganized management team. Low customer satisfaction is another internal weakness that is crucial to the success of CanGo. Another internal weakness includes severe communication issues within CanGo’s management and employees. External threats such as competition, plays a big role in the future success of CanGo. Your organizations internal organizational strengths such as online growth, and cost advantage offers great potential if properly utilized. Another external threat includes economic slowdown. The economy can play a direct role in the success of an organization, and should be monitored accordingly. Another external threat is currency changes which can affect business and sales in other countries, another area that should be monitored closely. With limitless external opportunities in markets online CanGo has room to expand in multiple markets outside of online gaming, books, and the music industries. With online market growth the opportunities for CanGo are endless, a very important factor to consider in the company’s future growth. Cost advantage is another external opportunity along with CanGo’s ability to view products from customer’s perspectives. CanGo has great potential with strong strengths and opportunities to allow for success and growth. CanGo can be unstoppable, highly competitive, and ready for whatever the future holds by implementing JACKK’s Consulting Firm’s strategically planned, analyzed, and proposed suggestions. Location of Factor |

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