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Government 312L: Russian-American Relations TAKE-HOME ESSAY ___________________________________________________ 1. Why did the Cold War end in the manner that it did? Your essay must provide your own position on the end of the Cold War that is instructed by the four perspectives provided in readings and lecture and highlighted below. Your position should be made explicit in a thesis statement in the introduction of the essay. In constructing your essay, address the following questions: (Note: These questions are only guidelines as to which perspectives should be covered. Your essay needs to be a coherent statement of your position on the end of the Cold War that compares and contrasts competing perspectives. It should NOT be a set of answers to the questions in the prompt.) A) What role, if any, did the policies and decisions of Ronald Reagan play in the end of the Cold War? B) What role, if any, did the cumulative…show more content…
This is a take-home essay not a research paper. Essays are to be based on reading and lectures assigned in class. Your essay will be graded on its coherence, persuasiveness, logical consistency, and the specific historical support you marshal to defend your position. When borrowing ideas from the reading, make sure to cite author and page number. There is no need to cite lecture material unless you directly quote something said in class. Essays are due in class in hard copy (no email attachments) on Wednesday, March 20th. Late papers will be severely penalized. Papers that do not follow the formatting instructions will be penalized. Evidence of plagiarism will result in a failing grade as well as other possible penalties allowed under University rules. Papers are to be done individually. No group papers are allowed. Copying another student’s work is cheating and will be dealt with very

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