Summary: Social Responsibility And Company Q

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Social Responsibility and Company Q Social Responsibility and Company Q Western Governors University Company Q believes that their responsibility is to the financial health of the company more so than any social responsibility to the communities in which they have stores. According to the textbook Business Ethics 2009 Update: Ethical Decision Making and Cases social responsibility is “defined as an organization's obligation to maximize its positive impact on stakeholders and to minimize its negative impact.” (Ferrell, 2013 p.38). By closing those two stores Company Q is showing their corporate focus on profit and not how important those two stores may have been to the communities in which they were located. The leadership of Company Q is so focused on revenue and its loss that they are overlooking how the positive impact of social responsibility could help them and their revenues.…show more content…
Have to do that internally. The leadership needs to start initiatives within the company that can be incorporated not just at the Company Q headquarters but also at each of the stores as well. Begin with having the leadership of Company Q being serious about the attitude change by having them travel to each of the stores and talking to the stores employees about social responsibility. Having the leaders learn more about the communities through the employees. By doing this then the Company Q leadership can institute changes corporately as well as locally because they would then have an understanding the unique situations that each store has to contend with in each of the different communities. An added benefit of Company Q establishing and instituting a culture of social responsibility, will be in recruitment of talented individuals who are looking for companies that understand the importance of social responsibility in the communities in which they

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