Qbt1 Task 5

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QBT Task 4 – Final Version 2 Robb Farrell Western Governors University Student ID# 000242903 THE REAL BOTTOM-LINE OF TODAY’S BUSINESS Research reveals that companies that focus on adhering to ethical standards and investing in socially responsible practices to the benefit of all stakeholders have a significant business advantage it today’s market place. Socially and ethically conscious originations have compelling business results in related to employee loyalty, company profits and consumer affinity. There was a time in our capitalist society that an organization’s number one priority and predominant focus was profits and shareholder interest. Indeed things have and are changing. In today’s market climate, companies have had to increase their consciousness as to what really matters. The market is demanding more and more that organizations account for the interests of not just shareholders but all stakeholders. Team members, shareholders, customers, vendors, the environment and society’s interests must be in the forefront of consideration of all companies wishing to stay relevant in today’s market and workforce environment. This in more than just the right thing to do, it is an operational imperative that offers significant ROI to a business’ bottom-line. Companies must view themselves as part of an ecosystem; one entity in an interdependent interconnected environment. Each part of this ecosystem of business is impacted by the decisions and operations of the other parts. The organization of today and tomorrow has to adopt a system-centric model of business or suffer the consequences, most of which being dire and unforgiving. The key to business success is to make sure no part of the system is overlooked and undervalued. Research has revealed that there is a strong correlation between a stakeholder conscious organization’s
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