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Tanglewood INTRODUCTION Tanglewood is seeking to bring in an external consultant to address the issues of practices and philosophies that are not being demonstrated throughout the different store regional locations. There is a strong need to realign the regional managers with the practices and philosophies of Tanglewood. This will help them to understand the importance of the method because they are what the Tanglewood Company is based upon. BACKGROUND Tanglewood is a western distributor that manufactures goods and products that cater to a middle to high income population. Tanglewood is a company that is also known to have an employee participation philosophy, such as; a strong base for employee participation. The HR practices reflect the historical practices that has been shared between stores since its establishment. The practice of employee participation has gained the loyalty of employees, supervisors, and managers of the company. Here lately there has been a concern of other competitors gaining an edge on Tanglewood, along with some incongruences of the practices and philosophies of the company that have been causing a few problems in the different regional locations.…show more content…
They value the input they are able to give to the company, the advancement opportunities, and the availabilities of their management. This opportunity stems from a practice within Tanglewood that exemplifies that all employees are members of the core work force. The core workforce is viewed as essential for the organizational values and culture that Tanglewood seeks to develop and maintain. I also focused on the company’s emphasis of “straight talk”. The company believes that involving employees in on the import ants such as; their share price, overall profitability, along with other details about the company’s activities, this causes them to think like

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