Tanglewood Case 1

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Tanglewood Case 1 Through the expansion of the company there have become some inconsistencies in management styles between stores. In this report I will break down several different strategic staffing decisions that need to be made in order to create a consistency across all stores in the organization and ensure that the original culture is observed and followed company wide. Staffing Levels Acquire or Develop Talent Because the main goal of the company is to get back to the original culture throughout all branches it makes sense to develop talent from within the company. This encourages the current employees to care more about the company and allows for a more productive workforce. It also enables current workers to learn to be self sufficient and to think like managers. By developing talent within the current organization you are showing your employees that you value their service and believe they are the best fit for the job. Because most employees will already have an understanding of what the culture of the company is supposed to be it will be easier to develop the sought after KSA’s. Hire Yourself or Outsource This is a tricky question, but in my opinion it makes sense to keep the recruiting and selection process entirely in-house because of the unique requirements for employees in this organization. Because this company’s goal is to maintain a strong culture across all stores it makes sense to continue to hire yourself so that you can be looking for the unique traits and KSA’s that will best integrate with the company and uphold the unique culture. On the other hand, in some regions outsourcing may be less costly and they may be able to bring in real assets with new ideas. However for the purpose of staying uniform and ensuring all employees share the unique culture of the company, I would encourage you to continue hiring yourself.
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