Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

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Managing personal work priorities and professional development is important in my everyday working life. What makes a good role model and how would I ensure that I acted as a role model for employees I supervise? I believe that being a good role model is something that all managers/supervisors should inspire to be. Below, I have written what I believe role models should be and how I would act: • Having a positive attitude – I would be positive / enthusiastic and create motivation for the team. I would be involved with what is going on and always be there to communicate with. • Goal orientated – I would have goals put in place that match companies vision, and also help out staff set their goals for what the company wants and what they want personally • Stays level headed – I would deal with situations and stay calm throughout the problems that may arise • A desire to help others grow and succeed – I would help staff grow with personal / Career developments • Accepts responsibility – I would accept responsibility for my staff, so if something went wrong, I would help them • Good communication – I would have an “open door” - listen / communicate with all staff and not be judgmental • Provides feedback – I would give positive feed back, and also negative feedback, but in a positive way (KKK) What are the traits of an effective leader? Do I have these traits? How would I develop these traits? The below are what I think the traits of an effective leader show – it also explains if I have these traits and how I would develop them: • Empathy: I would create a legitimate connection with my staff – this makes it less likely that personal issues and bitterness will come about, and destroy the team morale. I believe when your team knows that you are empathetic to their concerns, they will be more likely to work with you and share in your vision, rather than

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