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Career Plan Reflection Paper Lucy Lang BCOM/275 January 13, 2013 Amber Lewis I have learned a good deal about my communication skills throughout this course and by completing the Career Plan Building Activities. My career goal is to be in upper management. I know I will use what I have learned in this course at some point in my career. Possessing excellent communication skills will be vital to my success. The Career Plan Building Activities made me realize I have strengths in the areas of coping with pressure, delivering result, following instructions, and adapting to change. These strengths will help me to be an excellent leader and encourage employees to do their best to deliver positive results for the company. I will be able to handle any circumstance and make beneficial and effective decisions. I will have to make sure I am thinking critically when evaluating arguments. I know how to recognize fallacies and can judge the validity and credibility of the source. The activities also help me realize my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to communicating. Communication is the key to any successful business. I now know how vital it is to have a clear understanding when communicating. When sending messages, I have to make sure it is able be decoded and seek feedback to ensure we are on the same level. I also have to listen and respond to messages sent back to me. By following these simple steps, I can prevent valuable time from being wasted. I know with achieving my career goals, I will have to do presentations. This is not one of my strong points. From this course and the activities, I have learned several tips that will help me to master this problem and become a better presenter. One thing I learned to make my presentations better is to know my audience. By doing this, I have an idea of what the audience expects from me. It is

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