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Assessment 3: projects Project 1. Explain how, when working would you find out what was expected of you and what work standards would be expected of you. How would this knowledge impact on the ways in which you organise your time and your work tasks? I would find out what was expected from a written job description which would be provided by my employer. Each task would be explained on the job description by my manager, so we are both clear on what is expected of me. This would out line what my position is, who I report to, what my day to today tasks are, what reports are expected from me, the companies grooming standards are for my position. It will out line any current qualifications and future training I may need or would like to and who I report to and who my directs are as well. The knowledge would impact me in managing my time it takes to ensure that I prioritise my tasks from important to less important. The less important tasks can be done when it’s quiet or at a later date. The important tasks would be labelled urgent and would prioritise them again. This will help me with each task and it will ensure that each task will be done to the standard required of me. I would also create a check list so I can check that each step has been achieved. Project 2. A. To a large degree, you are responsible for your own development. Explain what professional development means. Professional development means that skills and knowledge are attained for both personal and professional development and career developments and career advancements. Professional development helps keep the pace with changing technology and knowledge; it helps build your self-esteem and helps with any career opportunities. Professional development also helps improve my ability to undertake my job. b. If you identify, relative to your work, skills gaps, what action
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