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Nathan Prince GS 1145 5-11-15 Unit 9 Assignment 1: Adding to My Self-Knowledge In taking the various personality tests to see where my strengths and weakness lay, some introspection on improvement has been able to take place. Many of my strengths seem to be based on leadership skills and keeping true to standards and traditions. These are good qualities to have but can also get in the way of outside opinions and accepting of new ideas. Finding a balance between the two spectrums will really help develop a more balanced person in my opinion. The test that examines more in depth of leadership styles produced a somewhat predicted outcome. I know that my style and personality are strongly linked to achieving a task to completion. There are few times where I put people’s concerns or worries ahead of the task, generally when necessary but defaulting to task at hand as priority. I don’t believe that I’m inconsiderate of people as my style is to be balance the work loads and give people an opportunity to achieve their directives. This allows me to focus more on the issue at hand and worry less about people’s opinions. The downside to this would obviously be that I’m close minded generally. The dreaded “my road or the highway” mentality could play against me. Not to be discouraged over my faults I looked into the next test to see what motivates me and where I could inspire others. The growth aspect of the motivation test was the largest contributing factor. The next in line was the existence needs, largely due to the need to survive and have enough income while in school. The growth is largely due to the fact that I’m a student and look to learn more and expand my knowledge. The test was good to show where my priorities lay in regards to what I’m putting effort into and though behind. I was pleased to see that my focus was on my education and next existence where
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