Personal Approach to Learning

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My Personal Approach to Learning Essay Evola Dawson Dr. Winchester, English Professor English 1013: Freshman English II Learning is imperative to life and in order for it to be effective, it must be affective. There are many ways that one can approach learning. My personal approaches to learning are practical examples, hands on, and open discussion. These are three ways that I have proven to be effective in my life as it pertains to learning. Practical examples are things that I can relate to that give me a clear picture of what is being taught. With practical examples, I am able to place what is being learned in a situation to where it is easier for me to understand. This gives me a direct visual of what is being learned. In a managers meeting at work, we were given a strategic plan on how to retain employees. One of the plans was to motivate staff to reach goals in a positive manner. One of the practical example that was given is to use contests and incentives to help keep workers motivated and feeling rewarded. I could immediately relate and understand the task at hand. With hands on, I am able to do, and perform the learned skill as it is being taught to me. I recently started a new position at my current work place and the software that this department uses is totally different from what I was accustom to using for the past thirteen years. Everyone was nice about giving me information from their perspective and from a manual that was written for new users, however, until I actually got the opportunity to sit at the computer and navigate through the system, enter information, and make a couple of mistakes, I
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