Decisions In Paradise Part 2 Case Analysis

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Decisions in Paradise Part II Melissa Kelley MGT/350 January 30, 2012 Berkline has brought the ideal of establishing a greater presence in Kava to the table. To create a greater presence in Kava it will be necessary to understand what this country needs from Berkline. Berkline is a leading manufacturer of furniture who came to Kava for better work performance, quality, also more affordable labor and overhead. After a great deal of brainstorming I have gathered some options for steps that the company can take which will benefit the people of Kava but also help Berkline at the same time. The first step was to evaluate what problems Kava is facing; next I had to look for options that would aid the people while ensuring the success of Berkline. The next step was to do a list of pros and cons to see which ideas were feasible and which ones were out of the question. I have also completed a situational analysis and a criteria matrix to also show what ideas will benefit Kava as well as Berkline. I am confident that the research I have completed allows for the best decisions to be made that will benefit both parties. For the pros and cons I made a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the purposed ideas.…show more content…
After doing the pros and cons, I have found that this plan has much more benefit than the others. Because Kava is full of diversity both in religions, nationality, and language it is of the highest importance to address the lines of communication. With the situational analysis the issue of language is the top priority. It is vital for Berkline to have employees who can communicate in the different languages. The next priority would be respecting the different religions of the people. Kava citizens will be much more likely to accept Berkline as part of their community if they can communicate with each

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