Medical Office Management: A Career As A Medical Assistant

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I am writing this paper so the reader can learn what I have about 3 other professions in the healthcare. I will give a detailed paragraph over each profession. I will also be discussing how I as becoming a Medical Assistant will interact with the 3 other professions. I will also be reviewing how I can better myself to interact with the other healthcare professionals on a daily basis. For the 3 professions I have chose, Medical Office Management, Medical Transcription, and Healthcare Administration. In Medical Office Management their responsibilities are for handling medical records, processing insurance claims, coding and billing, and information processing (Education Portal, 2013). Medical Office Management must gain knowledge to understand…show more content…
Coming in contact with a Medical Transcriptionist is I’m sure common with Medical Assistants since we both will learn a lot of the same material and be able to read and successfully code the Doctors information. As a Medical Assistant we are trained to do such a variety of jobs that I’m sure I would work closely with a Medical Office Manager as well on a day to day basis. With Medical Assisting we are trained and taught to do administrative duties as well as clinical duties, so that would put me in direct contact with the Medical Office Manager if I’m working the front scheduling, filing, and greeting patients. I will also be working close with the Healthcare Administrator as well, because there job is to ensure things run smoothly and professionally in the bigger offices and hospitals. If I’m doing medical records or billing and insurance coding paperwork, the administrator makes sure the records are complete and done correctly and…show more content…
I need to make sure that I am very professional with what I am doing and professional with other professional workers as well. Sometimes I can joke around too much so that something I need to work on. I feel I also could work on my communication skills to. I need to make sure I can explain and put my thoughts and ideas on the table clearly and use the appropriate approaches to do so. I also need to work on keeping some of my emotions to myself because they are very easy to see on my face when something is bothering me. I have a big heart and don’t like to see others hurt or etc. Being a Medical Assistant I’m sure can be very stressful at times and I think that’s to be expecting in this career choice, so that’s something that I’m going to have to learn to manage. I do well with stress but I’ve never been a Medical Assistant so I’m sure the stress could be different that what I’m used to dealing with. My mom always told me “Leave work at work, and leave home at home” don’t mix the two cause it can be way to stressful at times if you do. I have always tried to follow this motto by her. I look forward to becoming a Medical Assistant and can’t wait to finish school and get my career

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