MGT 521: Team Leadership

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Team Leadership Leroy Washington University of Phoenix MGT 521 – Week 5 August 19, 2013 John Gallaudet - Instructor To: John Galluadet From” Leroy Washington Date: August 19, 2013 Subject: Team Leadership – Learning Team B Maxine Boyce, Ricky Chaney, Patrick Derouen, Justin Gemoll, Leroy Washington, and Mai Nha Yang Abstract The purpose of this memorandum is to elaborate on a leadership strategy for a new department added to our company to reach a particular market segment. My leadership strategy will include names and personality assessments of all team members, including myself, a leadership approach for each team m member based on…show more content…
Justin Gemoll – Justin’s assessment score is ENFP. The relationship theory would apply to Justin because he provides inspiration, helps others and wants everyone to reach their full potential/ My leadership plan for Justin is for him to participate in strategy development and implementation. Mai Yang – Mai’s assessment score is ISTJ. The leadership theory that would best apply to Mai is the relationship theory because she is focused on the performance of group members, and she has high ethical and moral standards. My leadership plan for Mai is that she assists in the market research, development, and implementation of strategy Leroy Washington – My personality assessment score is ISTP. The relationship theory would also apply to me because I am interested in the performance of the group and I have high ethical and moral standards. Since this project calls for to be the manager appointed leader of this project, my leadership plan for me is to participate in the research, marketing,, development, and implementation of strategies for the new department to not only reach its target market but to also be successful in its desired market for as long as…show more content…
Research – scientific investigation or studying of in this case, the intended market, competition, strategy analysis, and gathering of information and ideas in order to determine possible success. I will have several team members along with myself doing research for this project. Marketing - management process through which products or services move from concept to customer. Marketing includes the coordination of four elements, called the four P’s of marketing: product, price, place, and promotional strategy. Development – A subset of the fields of business and commerce, business development consists of a number of tasks and processes generally aiming at developing and implementing growth. The urgency of the situation and the culture of the team members The goal of this project is to be profitable and successful. This goal will not be achieved quickly. The assignment given by management was adding a new department and the new department was to reach a targeted market for the purpose of being profitable and successful as quickly as possible and for as long as possible. The cultures of the team members varies because of the team member being

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