Managing Work & Personal Priorities

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BSBWOR501B PROJECT 1 I feel an effective leader is someone who can always see the bigger picture of any situation, is committed to their work, has uncompromising integrity and is consistent in their behaviour and attitude. Respect, Integrity, motivated, approachable, supportive and encouraging are the words that come to my mind and are values that are important to me and this is how I choose to conduct myself personally and professionally. Keeping up to date with the latest information and skills and to continue developing my skills and knowledge is also valuable as an effective leader and I encourage my employees to continue to learn and ask questions. To be an effective leader you also need to be a good role model and to me this means leading by example. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and those of your employees, taking the time to know your employees is vital for a strong and cohesive team environment and will enable you to be able to bring the best out of your team because you understand their strengths and weaknesses and you know the person. Being motivated, energised, focused, positive and loving what you do is a great example to lead by and I would ensure I always acted in a manner that reflected my values and work ethic and to be fair and firm in all my dealings, that is how I would measure my performance. There is so much more though to being an effective leader and good role model; you need to be able to set clear and defined personal and work goals, plans and activities that reflect the plans of your business and your own responsibilities and accountabilities. To measure my personal performance I would set performance based goals rather than goals based on outcome because with performance based goals you have control over how and when you achieve them and satisfaction when you do complete them. With outcome based goals you are

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