Tanglewood Acquire Talent Case Study

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Acquire or Develop Talent Tanglewood should acquire talent, because it wants to keep performance and customer service at high levels. In addition, while old stores under Tanglewood have the same basic look, the management styles and human resource can use some improvements. Acquire talent is very helpful for new stores, because employees would “hit the ground running” and be at the peak performance the moment they arrive. Hire Yourself or Outsource Personally, I think Tanglewood should hire itself. Outsourcing is more practical for small and medium companies. To have good customer service, it is wise for Tanglewood to hire itself because their employees share the same values as the company. External or Internal Hiring To have a stable…show more content…
It can go globally, but it should be careful with culture of countries, and beware of other potential competitors. Before going globally, it should improve the company’s workforces, be better and offer best products and services. Attract or Relocate On my opinion, it is easier to bring the labor to the organization, than organization to labor for Tanglewood situation. Company has 12 regions, many region choices for people to live. It would be hard for Tanglewood to relocate. Company offers many job openings. Overstaff or Understaff Tanglewood is overstaffed. There are around 215 employees per store. I do not know how big the stores are, but what if we can decrease the number of employees and train the ones they have. Short- or Long-Term Focus Main goals for Tanglewood are further expansion and improving customer service. It is more appropriate to use long term, but we have to have talent management programs. Company has to make long-term goals, because they are harder to achieve. With long-term goals, we would have short-term goals and achieving even more. Person/Job or Person/Organization…show more content…
As I stated before, company is “team/family” organization. Tanglewood is just a retail company; employees do not have to have special knowledge and skills to operate. Person/organization match is the best method for the company, future employees can get training. Specific or General KSAOs On my opinion, it should be general KSAOs. It would be great if employees can fit both now and future. New workers should have variety skills and knowledge to use in different situations. Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality Exceptional workforce is the best fit for Tanglewood. If company wants to have “best and brightest”, it has to use exceptional workforce. Again, as I stated before, main goal is to improve customer service. The best way to do it is to have the best employees. Active or Passive Diversity This is a little difficult question for me. Our world right now has a diversity of expertise, values, and languages. It might be better to use passive diversity for Tanglewood, because they want their employees to share close relationship between each other. Diversification of the workplace takes time; it requires long-time planning and a lot of

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