Importance of Employability and Personal Skills in the Recruitment Process

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Assess the importance of employability and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in a selected organisation Good recruitment and selection procedures can help to improve the workforce at McCarthy and Stone. It is important to consider employability skills and personal skills when recruiting and retaining staff as having a good balance of these skills in employees will make the organisation run smoothly and effectively. 
 They will identify the type of person required for the job. This means that a suitable person can be appointed. They will have the skills to do the job and labour. which can be costly and time consuming. There are many different factors to consider when employing new recruits and keeping current staff such as training, meeting targets, having the correct skills which match up the job requirements, trust, qualifications, portraying a professional image and have excellent communication skills to liaise with fellow colleagues and the public. 

When recruiting and reviewing current staffs personal skills employees need to have strong communication attributes. This would be required for any job as you need to be able to understand other colleagues and customers/public. At McCarthy and Stone IT skills are needed as an employability skill and is important that they identify this at the beginning of the recruitment process so there are no confusions of what is expected form employees. The main purpose of a job description is to collect data to advertise for a certain job. To do so the business needs to include personal and employability skills needed for the job. This gives candidates a clear view of what is required from them. Writing the job specification also happens at the start of the recruitment process. It helps the recruiting team understand what level of qualifications, qualities and set of characteristics should be
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