HCS 325: Ways An Organization Shares Knowledge

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Ways an Organization Shares Knowledge Oyuki Dominguez HCS/325 June 5, 2012 Ways Organization Shares Knowledge In healthcare organizations there are many ways in providing information and documentation to other departments as well as outside vendors. Within an organization there is electronic mail, instant messaging, placing documentation in shared drives. When an organization has to deal with outside companies and vendors there is email, secured websites and special programs to communicate highly confidential information. Within our facility we have shared drives were employee’s place documentation and other departments can pick up. We indicate in an email or instant message where the documentation is located and there that…show more content…
In healthcare its essential for effective functioning in every part of the organization. Although with marketing, finance personnel and shipping and receiving departments they all receive directives, goals and objectives from the corporate office communication is what links all departments together and helps meet the goals of the organization for success. Everything a manager does involves communication to satisfy the customer, improve quality of work and have success in that organization. For this to work the employees must also be effective communicators. One key role of a good manager is to help and nurture their employees to improve their communication skills. When this happens and managers, employees and outside departments and vendors are able to communicate well with each other they will most likely perform well. Technology has advanced dramatically that the way we communicate has become more effective. We can communicate with teams, access information more quickly to make those last minute decisions. In order to be competitive an organization needs to be on top of the latest technology, but no matter what advances there may be we must ask ourselves how will this improve productivity with our department or
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