The Essential Ingredients of Successful Customer Relations

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The Essential Ingredients of Successful Customer Relations Improving Customer Relations When running a business, customer service is the backbone. This may sound a little crazy but it is the truth. With customer service, one is able to get feedback and know where to improve the business. They are able to bring people back into the store and have positive word of mouth spread. Customer service and customer relations are the key to success for a business. In this paper, I am going to discuss how to have a successful customer service department in your business. For example, behaviors the employees will need to know; having a customer driven mindset; how to communicate effectively with customers and co-workers; phone etiquette; the importance of building relationships with customers; dealing with difficult/unhappy customers; having a customer engagement model for feedback; and building customer loyalty. Knowing these things can lead to a successful customer service department and a successful business. Behaviors Your Employee Needs to Know According to Dahlke (2007) an ideal customer service representative chooses to be courteous, respectful, considerate, and helpful to others. They also choose to be responsible for their comments to others. This is very important when working in customer service. People can be unpredictable and they’re not always the nicest, but when that is the case, a customer service rep has to remain in control of their thoughts and emotions. At all times they need to be responsible for what comes out of their mouths when in the company of other people. EAPTOOLS (2008) states that tuning in to your customers’ shifting emotional needs and responding to them effectively will improve customer service skills. A customer service rep that concentrates on the customers emotions and is empathetic to them will be much more successful than
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