Huffman Trucking Gap Analysis

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Running head: GAP ANALYSIS: HUFFMAN TRUCKING Gap Analysis: Huffman Trucking Rhonda Chiles University of Phoenix Gap Analysis: Huffman Trucking Introduction Kristen Huffman, CEO and President of Huffman Trucking Company is the founder of a nationwide transportation company. Huffman started Huffman Trucking in 1936 as H. Huffman Trucking. Huffman begin with one tractor-trailer and provided service in and around Cleveland, Ohio. The need for carrier services during and after World War II was in demand in the mid-west and east coast. Huffman’s reputation was being known throughout the country which enabled Huffman to obtain sufficient resources to buy 16 tractors and 36 trailers by 1945. A large amount of Huffman’s…show more content…
Different issues will occur that will keep Huffman from reaching higher goals. Huffman’s employees worked hard to keep pace and maintain a stable trend that has been set by Huffman’s competitors. Huffman is unsatisfied with overall results that his organization has not been able to rise above the competition, but to remain at the competition’s side. One issue facing Huffman is the company’s internal marketing culture. An organization is able to give each customer individual and unique attention, but it depends on the customer’s preference. Organizations continue to look for ways to prepare employees for changes in the company. Changes does not always extend just to employees, it involves customers also. The introduction of new products and services, technologies, and routines does not consists of internal memos and meetings, it ventures on to computers and videos. The quality of services that is an employee gives to a customer is the reason why customers return to the company. “In service firms, where the interface with the customers is broad and intense, all contact personnel must be well attuned to the mission, goals, strategies, and systems of the company. Otherwise they cannot represent their firm well and successfully handle all those crucial contacts, known…show more content…
Huffman hopes this will lead to |will profits for the |before successful programs can | | |Huffman Trucking Company leading in the transportation |company. |be directed at customers” | | |business. | |(Kerin, R. et al., 2006, p. | | | | |327). | | |Huffman have to get his managers and employees |Customer relationship |“An important outgrowth of this|Customer Relationship | |thought-out Huffman Trucking Company to gain information,|management (CRM) is |focus on the customer is the |Management | |communicate and be aware of internet technology. |acquisition, analysis |recent attention placed on | | |Huffman’s company cannot be aware of CRM is they do not |and use of knowledge |customer relationship |

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