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Critical Information Systems Marci F Rivera BSA 310 June 27, 2011 Caleb Green Critical Information Systems Huffman Trucking was founded by K Huffman in 1936 with only one single tractor-trailer. Due to the global war going on and the need for trucking transportation, the growth of the company rose. In less than ten years, the fleet had increased to 16 tractors and 36 trailers. The company is still privately held due to internal sales and five Eastern carriers the company acquired. Huffman Trucking thrives on its vision “to be a model company to [their] stockholders, employees, customers, and all stakeholders” (Huffman Trucking). Huffman Trucking has four locations across the United States and employees roughly 1350 employees. Some of the larger clients include the US Government and automotive part suppliers. Huffman Trucking uses 800 road tractors, 2100 fourty-five feet trailers, and 260 “roll-on/roll-off” units. Each employee and unit must be accounted for. One…show more content…
This system allows the tracking of all services provided to each and every customer. It also tracks its own fleet. It allows tracking of the number of miles driven, where each product goes, when checkups on the trucks need to be done, among other items. Huffman Trucking also outsources all of its information system support. Therefore, the TPS system must also track this information. Since all of this information is tracked, there must be a good tracking system put into place. This means that each package must be label and checked in and out, each part must be inventoried, and each mile must be recorded. On top of all the tracking of the resources, each person that works for the company must also be recorded and time worked must be tracked. It’s important to make sure the information that is tracked by the TPS is accurate and easily available for whoever may need

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