Btec Unit 2

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Unit 2: Investigation Business Resource How does effectively managing resources of an H&M organisation help it improve its performance? Managing the three main types of resources at H&M is a very important factor and helps it improve its performance in many ways. Making sure that the human, physical and technological resources are carried out correctly can increase the performance of H&M. This could be in its staff, customer service, IT help or the companies appearance in adverts etc. Human Resources The Human resources can improve the H&M’s performance in many ways. There are two main processes which are looked at when managing human resources. • Recruitment: H&M must manage this carefully to make sure that they get the right staff for the job, looking at all their CV’s in detail and asking the acceptable questions in interviews is very important and, as a result, will help the organisation run efficiently, have a better performance and provide customers better service. • Staff welfare: This is also very important and H&M manages this by looking after staff and making sure they are all treated equally and that no one is discriminated for whatever reason. Having an environment where everyone is treated fairly will result in employees of H&M feel more valued, happy and more willing to give a better service. They are not like physical or technological resources; humans need to be dealt in certain ways, as they are protected by legislations and laws. • Training: In H&M there will be a invariable change of different order of products that the customers wish to purchase, for this reason the staff will have to be trained for any of these occasions. H&M manage their training system by making sure they give relevant teaching for employees to develop key skills and move up in the hierarchy. This will help bring knowledge to employees and give them the
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