Nursing Leadership and Management

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Leadership and Management
Final Paper Nursing 4108

"Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet” (Henry Mintzberg). Throughout my clinicals’ and class assignments for leadership and management, I have learned to be a successful manager, you must possess certain characteristics such as: excellent communication skills, being an effective leader, and great time management skills. Overall, mastery of these three characteristics makes proficient and effective managers. Excellent communication skills are required to be an effective manager. To be an excellent communicator, you must listen to whomever you are speaking to for verbal and non-verbal ques. “Listening is the most critical of all communication skills. To be a good listener, one needs to listen for both the information (content) and emotion (feelings) conveyed” (Whitehead, D. K., Weiss, S. A., & Tappen, R. M., 2010, pg.74). From board meetings and department meetings to one on one employee meetings, creative communication allows a manager to be effective in leading their team. “As a manager, you must create a communication bridge between you and the people who report to you. The purpose of this bridge is for you to connect with each of your employees and for them to connect with you. If you convey the attitude that you care enough about your employees to really listen to them, you can solidify a two-way connection that is mutually rewarding” (Parkinson, J. R., & Grossman, J. H.,2010, pg.91). Being an effective nurse leader requires establishing an excellent rapport with the nursing team and having the perseverance of imbedding the overall vision into the entire nursing team. “Strong leadership includes having a clear vision and communicating it clearly and passionately to inspire willing participants in the collaborative process of realizing the vision. It also

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