Tanglewood Case 1

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Week 1 Case Assignment-Tanglewood Stores Tanglewood sees their employees as assets to the company’s financial success. They believe that a good core workforce is essential so they do not want cheap labor, high turnover, or temporary workers. In this day and age, this type of philosophy is key in a company’s growth and success. As Tanglewood is in the process of aggressively expanding from its 243 stores, staffing issues will require a lot of fore thought before deciding on the most effective way to proceed. First step of recommendations to properly start staffing for the expansion is: Staffing Levels Acquire or Develop Talent. Tanglewood is wanting to expand quickly and they want qualified personnel for their positions. Best case is for them to acquire new employees who can “hit the ground running” and be at peak performance the moment they arrive. These employees would bring their talents with them to the job, with little or no need for training or development. Hire Yourself or Outsource: Definitely outsource hiring activities, a vendor specialized in staffing has the skills and the time to identify potential candidates. It also has advantages for legal compliance, as many vendors maintain their own procedures for tracking compliance with equal-opportunity laws. External or Internal Hiring. Tanglewoods organization culture is based on a set of core values that includes employees participation. By hiring internally, it can cultivate a stable, committed workforce. This will allow their employees to use the internal labor market as a springboard for launching long-term career with the organization. External hiring might also be necessary when there is rapid organization growth, especially with their upcoming expansion project. Core or Flexible Workforce. Due to Tanglewood’s upcoming expansion project, they would possibly need both types of

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