Poor Team Cohesion

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P7: Explain how team building leads to team cohesion in the public services, with reference to relevant theorists. M5: Analyze the impact of good and poor team cohesion on a public service, with reference to relevant theorists. What is team building? Team building is a process enabling groups of people to work together in order to reach their common goal. The main reimbursement of a team is to identify inhibitors that prevent individuals from reaching their goals and remove them, for a positive outcome. A team can be successful if members have respect for each other and motivate each other, this will lead to a positive task outcome. Team cohesion Team cohesion is when a team sticks together. When a team is operating under difficult…show more content…
Tuckman’s theory helps individuals to understand how team progress evolves. It helps team members within the public services to consider how they encounter different problems at different stages of their development. This then leads to team cohesion because the group comes together during the team tasks. A limitation within this theory may be that it makes team building too linear and consecutive, however this is a useful tool within many public services like the police force, royal navy and fire service, due to it being important to provide the precise services needed as a team. However it is important to understand that not all teams evolve smoothly. Team cohesion within the police force is essential for a successful outcome because it is important for all members in different ranks to work together for example police constable, police sergeant, inspector, chief inspector all work together on a case to receive positive outcome because they each have different roles and responsibilities in which are important. This again leads to positive team cohesion because the team works together to complete the task…show more content…
This will satisfy a police officer. This has a positive effect on team cohesion, however if there was an absence of self-esteem this will have a negative effect on team cohesion because individuals would not be motivated for their good/hard work. Self- actualization- This is the expedition of reaching full potential as an individual and realising the potential. This is also described as the desire to become more and everything that one is capable of becoming. Self-actualised individuals are likely to have motivators such as truth, justice, wisdom and meaning. Self-actualized individuals have recurrent energized moments of profound happiness and harmony. According to Maslow only a small percentage of the population reach the level of self-actualization. An example of self-actualization within the public service is when a police officer reaches their full potential; however a police officer can only reach this stage when they have met all the other needs. Police officers who are motivated to self-actualize seek things like truth, knowledge and

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