policing 1 vs. 2 person patrol

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There are several pros and cons when deciding which type of patrol is most beneficial; one person patrol or two person patrol. When taking all circumstances into consideration, two person patrol is most advantages. When one first thinks of two person patrol she may picture two individuals working as partners in the patrol car, Riding side by side in the patrol car, talking about their lives, shooting the breeze until they receive a call. This portrays the idea that they will both form a good relationship with each other. They will work as a team and solve the tasks at hand. As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one.” Bringing together two people makes way for opportunities at solving problems in different ways then one person would solve alone. Also having two people, preferably with different experience will also bring forth different problem-solving and policing tactics. Safety appears to be increased when an officer is with a partner. This may just be a “sense” of safety, but officers like to think their partner has their back. In truth is could be safer to fight crime individually, because two police officers may seem to evoke the individuals with which they are involved with. Having two people looking out for the situation is extremely beneficial. If one officer is occupied with a task, her partner can be keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings and the circumstances that have a potential of arising. When all these factors are grouped together it appears that police partners would be more productive, writing more citations, and completing more arrests. There certainly are exceptions. But how could one person accomplish more than

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