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P4 P5 M3 D2 government and politics ID Cards: The policy to implement ID cards has both positive and negative effects on the public services. Positive effects on the police A positive way of how ID cards have a positive effect on the police is that it will be easier to find out the identity of people which will save time that was currently used trying to find out who people are. The ID card will stop people claiming they are someone else to waste police time and to stop them from getting into trouble because the ID card will have a picture of them and their name and possible fingerprints to prove their identity. This means that the police will waste less time and can look like they are doing a more effective job in the communities. Because they have more time to become a larger and more skilled presence in communities, it will deter crime and will end up with more criminals being captured and brought to justice Another positive effect ID cards may have it that they will have the person’s fingerprints on them. This means that the police can stop people and immediately scan their card and cross-reference with the database to see if the fingerprints where linked to and unsolved crimes or cases. If people are given ID cards, it could solve many missing persons cases where the person has ran away from home. This is a positive effect because it means that missing family members can be found easier and returned safely to their homes. These can help to create a better relationship between the police and the local community because if this happens then people will be more confident in the police’s capabilities and people in their communities feeling safer and people will then become a helping hand for the police when it is needed. Negative effects on the police A negative effect of ID cards could be that people who know that they will get in trouble if

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