Life Saver Vs Racial Profiling

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Kyle Suzadail Mr. Duffy 9/12/13 English Life Saver or Racial Profiling? An estimated 240 million calls are made to 9-1-1 in the U.S. each year ( all these calls for multiple reasons, there is always a need for help from law enforcement. For example, there’s a gun fight on the streets of New York, bullets flying everywhere, people call the police for help because they want to be safe. Many people never think of this, but what protects the police officers, what keeps them safe? Police officers are there to protect and serve people of the city, but just because they are the police doesn’t mean they don’t need protection. Police officers can be killed just like anyone else; they are just brave enough to take that risk, so…show more content…
“In a high crime area, stop and frisk is critical for police officer protection, for my protection really. If a young male favors his right side with his hand and it stays firm on that side, and clinches when you walk by him, if you just keep walking you could be dead. If police officers become too casual with the area he patrols and lets his guard down that’s when he gets killed. Police officers are just like everyone else, they have a family, and they kiss their kids before they go to work in the morning. They go to work alive and they want to come back the same way.”(Tim Delaney). This goes to show that police officers need protection so that they can provide the same protection to you. Using the stop and frisk techniques the local police can go into that high crime area and stop and frisk suspicious people, which would reduce the number of guns in that area also reduce the chance that the police officer would be ambushed before he gets to your door. While this could still happen with or without stop and frisk, the chance is more likely without this tactic. I for one feel safer if the police can reduce the crime rate and number of guns in any area, especially high crime…show more content…
Much of the argument over stop and frisk lies in numbers.” For instance, the NYPD says its policy has led to a falling murder rate and more gun seizures, with homicides down 21 percent this year and the number of illicit guns seized up 31 percent from last year”(Huffington post). If this tactic results in this much of a drop in homicides and an increase of thirty one percent in illicit guns seized, why not use it. This tactic obviously helps keep the streets a little safer. Most if not all cities that imply stop and frisk experience a dramatic drop in crime rate. “The reality is that crime has gone way down in New York City and that stop and frisk has certainly contributed to it. I get the fact that the statistics show nearly 686,000 stops in one year and that's way, way, way up from 2002 where it was just over 97,000 but I feel that it's working. It's keeping guns off the street. It's kept crime down to numbers that this city never imagined and, unfortunately, sometimes it takes things like stop and frisk to make that a reality” (Huffington post). People want to feel safe, if you do not feel safe in a community you move. The need to feel safe is a natural human instinct, stop and frisk contributes to the feeling of safety in any

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