Safire's Argumentative Essay

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I personally believe that both William Safire and Alan Dershowitz have a good argument. Dershowitz is pointing out the positive aspects of having National ID cards while Safire points out the negative. I agree with both of them. I think that the ID would give us more security and would make me feel safer about what goes on around me everyday. I do also believe that it would be a gateway for law enforcement to be able to exploit people more often and pick on them because of something on their record. There are a lot of positive things that would come form the ID cards but I think that the cons out weigh the pros for me. So therefore I believe that for me William Safire made a better argument. In Safire’s essay, he explains to us that with…show more content…
Because of the suspicion of why you would “opt out” would come into play. It would make you look or make you seem guilty and people would think that you were trying to hide something from them. In this case as Safire said you wouldn’t be able to participate in normal life activities. Applying for jobs, credit, or anything would be a priveledge that you would lose. Opting out would not be a choice for most. Once again I would speak on privacy. People would be able to see what you ordered, how you paid for something, where you were when you bought this, and when you got a piece of jewelry. Your life would become everyones life and theirs would become yours. There would be nothing that you could hide or keep from someone. There may be an event in my past that I would want no one to find out about but that would be impossible with the ID cards. To close I just want to say that my privacy mean the world to me and to lose that would basically change everything about who I am and the way I act. Personalities would all be different. People would feel that they have nothing for themselves. Terrorism does not give anyone the right to take away a person who has not done anything rights to privacy. I think that is what my main issue is. PRIVACY! I just hope that none of us ever have to deal with this issue. I would never accept it or feel more comfortable at
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