Leadership Styles In Public Services

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Leadership Styles In this assignment, I am going to talk about the eight leadership styles and how the public services use them while comparing them with each other and evaluating the effect of them. The eight leadership styles are; Authoritarian, Democratic, Laissez-faire, Transactional, Transformational, Bureaucratic, People orientated and Task orientated. I'm also going to compare each leadership styles and evaluating the effectiveness when used by the public services. According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ leadership style is defined as “the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans and motivating people to complete a task” Authoritarian This is a very direct leadership style, it's basically 'you do as…show more content…
In the public services, these types of leaderships will be used within different circumstances, authoritarian is best in urgent situations but laissez-faire is better for those who are experts and know exactly what they are doing and don't depend on a leader, they are similar because they both focus on the task in hand but one is directed every step by a demanding leader, sometimes, authoritarian could be bad style to use as it could make the other team members feel under pressure and lack motivation but leading in a laissez-faire manner will make the members feel more important because they have freedom to work the way they feel best. If there was to be a car accident, authoritarian would be a better approach because whether it was ambulance, police or fire, they will need to get the victims to hospital and road cleared as quickly as possible but it'd take longer if the team didn't know what their roles were and what they were…show more content…
They both aim to finish a task but go around it in different ways, democratic uses discussions and communication to get the team involved in decision making but transactional uses money to get the team to do what the leader says. Democratic is said to work better because it makes the other team members feel valued but transactional is ran by the thought of money and whether their pay will be change with their performance. Democratic will work best in a minor incident, such as an assault because they can discuss which ways will be best to go around catching the person who did it and for something like a drugs raid but for something like a murder or a missing person, transactional would work best as the leader can threaten the team with less time off but can also reward them with a day off for completing the

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