Diversity In Workplace

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Diversity in the workplace allows differences to shine. Apart from the benefits that differences of background and lifestyle bring to the workplace, diversity is also a legal issue * Diversity is also important for a company to attract top talent. If you Google the name of a company with the word diversity, you can find out a lot about company values and their commitment to reaching out to diverse job candidates. * 1. More ideas. The more different people are in a team or company, the more ideas are generated. Quantity of ideas is of course, not the same as quality of ideas, but the more ideas there are the better the chances of extracting good ideas from them. Diversity in the workplace creates a large knowledge pool to extract information from. * 2. More innovation. Diversity in the workplace means people who think in different ways. This variety in thinking is a great source for creativity and innovation. One person can latch on the idea of another and give it a new twist, thus creating something innovative. There is often a strong correlation between diversity and creativity. * 3. Improvement of communication skills. People who are different may tend initially to not get along very well. However, if they are required to work well together, this tends to help them improve their communication and people skills. Thus, they learn to adapt better to other people in the workplace and achieve their targets. * 4. More tolerance. The more different people interact with each other, the more they get used with each other. They learn to accept differences and to stop judging other people just because they are different. In other ways, they become more tolerant of people who do not think and act the same way they do. * * Diversity in the workplace can be a source of struggle or a source of progress. It depends mostly on how you use it.

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