Ethnicity and the Police

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Ethnicity and the Police By CJA344 The police department is leaving a bad impression in many minority communities, because of the corruption and brutality that comes from the police patrolling the areas. The police should leave a positive impression with the communities that they serve, this way the police will be able to ask the community for help when needed. There are a few people in the community that speak highly of the police because they have good experiences with the police and have positive opinions of the police and are more freely to cooperate with the police department. Lack of community support to the police force can lead to more crimes in the communities, as a result of the community the police can be less likely to work up to their full potential. “When crime rate goes up there is a further dip in the public perception of the police resulting in a greater antagonism towards the police on the part of the public “(1985). Peacemaking is the basic duty of the police force; if police is caught doing things that is not ethical in the community eyes the situation in the community will not change. The public perception of the police is the criminal justice system should work on the factors that cause the public to lower their trust in the way police treats their communities. Making better police in the community can result if there is better cooperation from the criminal justice system. The way police handles combating crime and brutality most attempts to redeem police image would involve education for both public and the police on the effectiveness crime control measures. The police are subject to moral temptations that can affect the way a job is done, the temptations can outweigh their paycheck this is a difficult position for any officer. The police deals with major drug dealing, gang bangers even white collar

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