Essay On Ethnicity And The Police

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Ethnicity and the Police Brittany Howard CJA/344 November 12, 2013 Donna Williams Ethnicity and the Police Police corruption and racial profiling is still alive in today’s society. Often police feel that they are above the law and can commit crimes without consequence. Officers are easily “taken care” of by those who do not abide by the law. This breaks the trust between the community and the police. This creates a negative opinion of police. Though the common opinion is negative, the reasons for the opinion vary between different ethnic groups. African Americans and Latinos often have the view that they are treated differently by police solely because of their ethnic background. However, the police may have a valid reason for their probable cause. On the other hand, there are those officers that will make remarks that let the person in question know that they were stopped because they were not of white decent. Though not all officers practice unethical values on the job, this creates that assumption that all officers are the same. Whites on the other hand, often feel that they have the upper hand. They have the mindset that they will…show more content…
For example, police brutality. One of the main complaints of police brutality is excessive force. Often officers do no know how to distinguish aggressive, necessary force from excessive force. “The Phoenix Police Department is now dealing with accusations that officers stepped out of line and beat up an innocent man. The state’s attorney general is learning about the claims and offering up help in investigating the claims (Fox 10, 2013).” Often claims are brought up in regards to police brutality when an officer is defending his or herself. “Police say a 35-year-old Bay City parolee suffered at least one stab wound as a result of his attack on a woman, and that charges have been authorized against him (Michigan Live,

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