Police Brutality Essay

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Police Brutality Role of a Police Officer The role of a police officer is to keep law in human society. They make sure that they keep criminals off the streets and they make sure that the people keep the speed limits everywhere they go. They have the rights to write tickets, citations, and even arrest people that are taking drastic measures. They are to report to calls such as 911 when criminal activity occurs in neighborhoods and other public areas. They have a few more rights than regular citizens, but they also have laws and rights they have to follow, there only job is to enforce laws in a well mannered civil way unless they feel harmed or in danger. (EHow Contributor, 2011). What is Police Brutality? Police Brutality is when officers use excessive force in their duties to comprehend suspects that is not necessary in some situations there in. A perfect example is in an Article “Police Hit a women directly in head for no reason,” A lady got serious head injuries after getting beaten in the head with a baton in the video. She is simply just complaining to the officer of her friend injuries after a riot had occurred without even attempting to attack the officer. This here is excessive force and should of not have escalated, there for this officer was using police brutality and not handling his job in a professional manner. This was an immoral act in his part he could have easily ignored her or advised her he would try and get her help that would have been the moral thing to do. (Police Brutality.info, 2008) When does police brutality begin? Police brutality begins at times when police officers don’t think the citizens are watching out for their wrong doings. Police like using excessive force in areas such as Sobriety Checkpoints, Traffic stops, University sport events and celebrations. Although these are some of the places where brutality

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