What Are The Three Eras In Policing

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A Process of Change Joe Tewksbury Grantham University There are three different eras in policing. They include the Political Era, Reform Era and the Community Integration Era. To get a better understand of which one I believe had the most impact on police work, we need to explain each era. The Reform era of policing America was heavily influenced by the Progressive political movement which emphasized government reform and regulation of society to improve the living conditions of citizens. The reform era is where we saw police officers in patrol cars. Patrolling in cars help deter and detect criminal activity and led to the specialized units to address problems not being addressed by the normal patrol method. It also changed citizen response to policing; more responsibility was handed over for issues normally handled through family and community intervention. The Community era of policing started around the 1980s and is still present today. The main function of this era is to continue to control crime while still providing a broader range of social services. Police officers are returning to the community and becoming more involved with the daily problems people face. This includes foot patrol,…show more content…
This era was our first attempt for an organized police force. It showed us our flaws in the system and what people will do to ensure “their” best interests are protected and with money and power, could be above the law. The more corrupt the officers were, it seemed like the more violent criminals started to become. People where tired of being stepped on for someone else’s gain and those would be normal everyday people turned towards the criminal side. This led to rethinking the whole police system and how to better effect the people they were sworn to protect. By knowing how bad things can be, it geared us up to produce a better justice system which would rid us of corrupt

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