How Does Police Brutality Affect Our Society

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Police brutality has been a problem within our society for some time now. Due to the many amount of cases, police brutality has shaped a view amongst the lower class that enforcers of the law tend to take advantage of their given power. Seems like police officers feel as if their implementation of the law is a congressional shield against the consequences of violating laws. In most cases of police brutality there is excessive force being used and unnecessary physical force and sometimes even deadly force. Police brutality has impacted our society because it changed the view of local authority; they went from being heroes of our communities to the vigilantes that we watch over our shoulders. Although police brutality has had its effect on our community, there are ways we can reduce the amount of abuse of the police. One of the most famous cases of police brutality takes place in 1991 in Los Angeles, California, where a black man named Rodney King…show more content…
Bureaucratic model of policing emerged during the turn of the century and reached its high point in the 1950’s.This form of policing has a rigid hierarchy; they strongly stress the chain of command with strict supervision and limited officer discretion and thick bureaucratic regulations. This model of policing, officers relies on the coercive power of the criminal law, avoiding any form of basis in arrest and in crime solving. In traditional policing the officers responded to a crime after it happens. This has a set structure events that happen after the call, usually the nearest officer response to the call and performs the needed police work. Traditional policing is really focused on serious crime as opposed to maintaining communities safe. In traditional bureaucratic model police officers work reactively, they responded to 911 calls instead of taking an active role in the community to stop the crime before it happens which happens in community

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