Cultural Differences Between Police Officers And Essay

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Law enforcement and other components of the criminal justice field have unique cultures. Cultural differences between police officers and residents of the neighborhoods that they patrol contribute to increased use of officer force in neighborhoods. There are many community factors that tie into culture which incorporates the use of police force such as political variables, economic variables as well as demographic variables. For example, areas that are faced with higher unemployment rates and poverty with minorities are more likely to be susceptible to a higher degree of patrolling versus a wealthier gated community elsewhere. Rikseim and Cherman make a note about police officers and state "arrest is the only area of police behavior that has generated a substantial number of findings on the influence of community-level variables"("Police: police officer," 1997). In poverty stricken areas with minorities teenagers are more likely to join gangs. In places such as Compton with a more African American community there is an increased amount of crime activity and gang violence hence a much more substantial amount of patrolling done by police officers. Other cultural differences can be found through out other “rough” areas in places Chinatown have gangs like “Black Dragon”. In Harlem, an increased amount of crime activity occurs due to the involvement of gangs such as “Bloods” and “Crips”. Even though there is crime activities in these two places the cultures are very different from one another. Police subculture contributes to police corruption for many reasons. In police subculture police officers do not practice a professional code of ethics they instead follow their own personal code of ethics which prioritizes loyalty to colleges rather then doing their job and serving and protecting the community (Herbert, 1998). Due to this, “cop code” and “code of silence” become a

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