Visual Analysis Essay "My Mane Is Emily"

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Zelideth Zambrano ENGL 1010-107 Visual Analysis “My Name Is Emily” U.S. Department of Health and Human Services made a public service advertisement title “My Name Is Emily”. In eighth grade, most kids are 13 years old. In this country we have a lot of teenage mental health problems and one of them is alcoholism. This is a big topic that we need to address in order to take care for our kids. As a parent, I know we have to be informed about all the problems our kids may be involved in. A first drink of alcohol at an early age increases the risk for heavier drinking, and more negative consequences of drinking later. According with Dr. Morean; “15-year-olds who start drinking are at greater risk for subsequent heavy drinking and alcohol-related problems than teens that do not begin drinking until age 17. However, if those 15-year-old drinkers also drank to intoxication at 15, their risk would be greater than if they had their first drink at age 15 but did not become intoxicated until age 17”. Furthermore teen’s alcohol problems are a social problem that we have to take an action on. This advertisement is effective because the author persuades, or influences, their audience by using Aristotle’s three appeals (logos, pathos, and ethos). The text of this advertisement is effective for various reasons; one of which is Aristotle’s three appeals, Because Aristotle said, as a writer we have to provide information to our audience using each of the three general appeals: logos, pathos, and ethos. According to his theory, this advertisement uses logos, because it appeals to reason. In the phrase; “kids who drink before age 15 are 5 times more likely to have alcohol problems when they are adults”. It is the logos part of this advertisement because the author is using the logical presentation of alcohol’s problems, supporting this with a consequence what happened to

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