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The Dangers Of Teen Drinking While alcohol is legal to people age twenty-one and up, most teenagers partake in events that involve alcohol. However teens do not realize that alcohol is a drug. Averaging from the age of twelve to seventeen, alcohol is the highest used drug. ( Teenagers may just think of this as a beverage to become more social or to fit in but do not realize the hard facts of alcohol. It has lasting effects on a developing brain of a teenager, it can affect everyday life, and the long term effects of alcohol can permanently damage one's body. We should educate teenagers to the dangers of alcohol and keep them away from it. Alcohol, like any other thing you put into your body, breaks down at a certain rate. This is known as your metabolism. On average, your body can metabolize about one drink per hour. (13.5% alcohol). If you have more than one drink, this is when the alcohol starts to take over into the blood stream, which is known as the Blood Alcohol Content. One drink may not effect a person harshly, but teenagers usually drink in the form of binge drinking. (Office Of Juvenile Justice)This usually consists of a person drinking about 5 drinks at least in 2 hours. 90% of alcohol of those under 21 is in the form of binge drinking. (Office of Juvenile Justice). If you drank from 6pm to 2am at a party, you would need until 6 pm the next day to get rid of the alcohol. So if you hear someone say they feel as if they're still drunk the next day, they probably are. (Alcohol Tune In) As drinking occurs, the heart pumps the alcohol into the body. It first enters the central nervous system. This is when people start to feel more social, and relaxed. This is because alcohol slows or stops the communication within the nerve cells in the brain, which is why people feel slowed down.(Alcohol Tune In) This is also why speech becomes

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