Persuasive Essay On Under Age Drinking

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Under Age Drinking Alcohol is the drug of choice to many teenagers and they are experiencing the consequences of drinking to much at an early age. As a result, underage drinking is the leading public health problem in this country. Each year approximately five-thousand people under the age of twenty-one die as a result of underage drinking, yet drinking continues to be widespread among adolescents nationwide. There should be a mandatory class that children take in school about the effects of alcohol and other addicting substances. As children move from adolescents to young adulthood they encounter dramatic physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes.The younger that children and adolescents are when they start to drink alcohol are more likely to engage in behaviors that can harm themselves and others. A few reasons that adolescents begin to start drinking is because of peer pressure, they are influenced by their parents or guardians, genetic and hereditary factors. Peer pressure is something that everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives. Adolescents tend to give in sometimes even if they know it's wrong but they do it to fit in with a group of people. The idea of "…show more content…
Parent's have their influence on teens to a great extent and the result of this bad influence is alcoholic teens following the principle, like parents, like children.In recent years it's known that people who have/had alcoholic parents are more likely to develop the diorder themselves. Most teens try alcohol for the first time at home and that is where the parents can be held responsible. Instead of the parents influence their children to drink alcohol, they should talk and make it clear to their adolescents that drinking impairs coordination and decision making abilities. If more time was spent with adolescents by their parents and it wasn't any alcohol involved their would be less deaths and car
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