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Goodpaster 1 Instructor: WR 60 23 October 2013 Alcohol: Emotional Effects Caused From Under Aged Drinkers This day in age; more and more kids don’t think about the damaging effects alcohol can do to a young adult’s body and mind. I am not speaking of the physical damage that it may cause, but rather the emotional turmoil that may occur. Consequences are always inevitable and may change a person’s life forever. To drink under age because it is seen as “cool” is not a good enough reason to risk changing one’s life forever. Drinking alcohol before the age of Twenty-one is not healthy. First, drinking before the age of twenty-one brings emotional consequences involving parents, teachers, and other adults, along with the possibilities of getting in trouble with the law. Once the choice to drink while under age is…show more content…
While under the influence of alcohol, most people find their ability to think rationally leaves them, especially those who are under age and are not prepared for the feelings alcohol can bring out. A decision given to us to make while drunk may have a negative emotional outcome, compared to the outcome from making that decision while we are sober. For example, I remember being an under age teen on the weekend nights hanging out with some of my older friends; drinking always got me into trouble. They would supply the beer and later on that night my ability to think rationally usually flew out the window. I thought since they were older they must be wiser, so what ever they told me to do I pretty much did it. Making sound decisions at that time didn’t matter to me I just wanted to fit in. Looking back I had a lot of negative emotional outcomes, compared to the outcomes made during while I was sober. This is a good example of how people don’t think rationally and how negative emotions can play a big factor due to

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