Teenage Drinking In School

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Teenage Drinking in School On a beautiful Wednesday morning, February 16, 2011, six students were binge drinking long before the lunch recess. Apparently, this “drinking party” took place on school ground, during school hours. One of the students videotaped an intoxicated 15-year-old girl who was later found unconscious. These six students were subsequently arrested. One of which was a transfer student on his first day at his new school. After searching their bags, police officers were able to find two bottles of vodka and several cans of Four Loko and Joose. These malt drinks contain three times the amount of alcohol compared to a single beer. The unconscious student had to be rushed to the hospital by school staff. Situations like this one depict what may be happening in many other schools. Teens need to learn the seriousness of drinking alcohol, especially when they are underage and furthermore during school hours. (Solis, Marcus. Girl hospitalized after drinking binge at school. www.abclocal.go.com. February 17, 2011, web retrieved: http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news/local/northern_suburbs&id=7965273 10/17/11.) There are many consequences for teens that drink alcohol. An immediate consequence of teenage drinking is physical injury; this includes hangovers or severe illnesses. Teenage drinking affects the academic achievements of many teens that drink; in some cases that involves poor or failing grades and excessive absences. A long-term effect of teenagers consuming alcohol is the fact that they are more prone to addiction. 87% of teens who drink alcohol before the age of twenty one are susceptible to being alcoholics for the rest of their lives. Drinking is a major factor in the leading cause of teen deaths. Most teenagers do not outgrow the unhealthy habit of heavy drinking. These drinking habits may cause liver disease, brain damage,

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