Drinking Age To 18 Research Paper

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Make 18 the Age to Drink Many people begin experimenting with alcohol in their early teenage years. During these experimental times all of the users are underage. This underage drinking has become a major problem in America’s schools throughout the nation. If the drinking age was lowered to eighteen there would be fewer incidents where students get caught with alcohol and receive minor in possessions charges, drinking wouldn’t seem as appealing if it were legal, and if an eighteen year old can be drafted and risk his life for this country he or she should be allowed to have a drink at the end of the day. Lowering the drinking age from twenty-one to eighteen would lower the amount of alcohol related tickets, make drinking less appealing, and give young soldiers have an easy way to relax and help them cope with what they have seen at war. If teenagers were permitted to drink at the age of eighteen there would be fewer problems underage drinking. This means fewer alcohol related tickets, such as minor in possession tickets. Since eighteen is the…show more content…
Many students do this, because it is fun. It’s the thrill of doing something they’re forbidden to do. If drinking were made legal for eighteen-year-olds, there wouldn’t be as much of a thrill or excitement to it. Yet another legitimate reason to lower the drinking age to eighteen is that there are young men and women who don’t look old enough to be holding a gun fighting for our freedom and risking their own necks every day. But they are denied the right to drink an alcoholic beverage after being shot at in the sand all day. If these “young adults” are shipped away from their homes for years at a time, sent on special ops missions, and used as bullet sponges, they should be able to drink alcohol if they choose
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