Underage Drinking

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Lowering the drinking age Underage drinking has become an epidemic in today’s society among the young generation. Statistics shown more than half of adolescence between the ages of twelve and twenty have at least consumed or encountered alcohol at least twice. Alcohol is the drug of choice to some adolescents. As a result of the adolescent consuming alcohol binge drinking can occur. Frequent adolescents binge drinkers are more likely to engaged in dangerous behaviors such as, partaking other drugs such as, marijuana and cocaine, having multiplies sex partners and earning d’s and f’s for academic grades. Those who support lowering the legal age to eighteen from twenty-one hypothesed that the adolescents will be less likely engage in binge…show more content…
Elevated liver enzymes indicating liver damage have been found in some adolescents who drink alcohol. Young drinkers who also shown elevated liver enzymes are subjected to be overweight or obese do to modern levels of drinking. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, drinking too much, slows bodily functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing to a dangerous level, causing the drinker to lose consciousness, which can result in alcohol poisoning. Alcohol has harmful effects on developing brain cells and bodies. Heavy drinking during adolescence years, when the brain is still developing causes lasting impairment functions such as memory, coordination, and motor skills. Drinking interferes with good judgments leading adolescents’ intolerable behavior and making the vulnerable to sexual coercion. Adolescence girls who consume alcohol for the same reasons adolescents boys do are faced with challenges boys do not have to experience: for example drinking can delay puberty in girls while abusing alcohol can cause endocrine disorders during puberty. Teenage girls who drinks are more likely to have unprotected sex putting them at an increase risk of pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases. Statistics have shown each approximately 5,500 young people at the age of twenty-one died of the result of underage drinking; this includes about 2,000 deaths in automobile crashes, 3,000 as a result of homicides and 500 from suicides. Although, many adolescents drink responsibly or is abstain all together, binge drinking is an enormous problem. It is very important as a parent or guardian to talk to adolescents about the risk and consequences of binge drinking can have on

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