Toulmin Analysis of "Dont Make Teen Drinking Easier"

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Toulmin Analysis of “Don’t Make Teen Drinking Easier” T.R. Reid argued in his article “Let my Teenager Drink” that the United States should lower the drinking age in order to show them how to drink responsibly. In “Don’t Make Teen Drinking Easier” Joseph Califano writes against this article giving sufficient reasons as to why lowering the drinking age can be dangerous. Califano discusses research that proves that American fifteen year olds were less likely than those of other nations with a lower drinking age to actually be intoxicated two or more times. Teen drinking is one of the leading causes to deaths and can also cause damages on growth and health for them. The consumption of alcohol in adolescents has a different effect on them then it does for a grown man or woman. Califano proves Reid’s idea that the English and Europeans have fewer drinking problems than we do in the states to be wrong by stating, “British fifteen and sixteen year olds were more than twice as likely as Americans to binge drink (50% vs. 24%) and to have been intoxicated within the past thirty day (48% vs. 21%).” Continuing to support this he uses another statistic by The World Health Organization that found that British boys and girls were far likelier than U.S. equals to have been drunk twice or more by the age fifteen. After discussing how with a lower drinking age teens will drink more often, Califano then goes on to talk about the consequences that teen drinking has on their growth and health issues. One fact he presents is that even a teen drinking at a responsible rate can cause damage in the brain that is long term and irreversible. Following this he discusses how consumption of alcohol has a major impact in some of the leading causes of death for teens such as accidents, homicide and even suicide. Along with the health risks of drinking, a juvenile would make
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