What Is Raising The Drinking Age Essay

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Teenage Drinking Raising the drinking age to 25 years old will prevent teenage drinking. “The strongest evidence for reducing alcohol-related harm is by increasing the price and reducing the availability”(Raising legal). Alcohol is a dangerous drug that causes accidents and deaths every year. Every year there are records of driving while intoxicated for under age drinkers. So raising the age of which you can consume alcohol will result in less accidents and deaths caused by drinking. So raising the driving age will make roads more safer as well as create less tragedies because of drinking and driving. Raising the drinking age will benefit teens and their lifestyles. “More than 25,000 lives have been saved in the U.S. thanks to the 21 Minimum Legal Drinking Age,” so why not raise it higher to prevent more accidents (Why 21?)?Some teens are peer pressured into drinking while some may drink because of depression. People can be affected by peer pressure in many ways and also by many people. Friends, strangers, and sometimes relatives can peer pressure teens into drinking and that can lead to things such as alcoholism and depression which can be avoided by raising the age to drink. If that isn’t enough teens who are depressed continue to drink which leads to harm to themselves as well as to others.…show more content…
Alcohol impairs judgment, and being under the influence of alcohol causes bad decision making. “The legal drinking age should be lifted to 25 to limit the violence associated with drunkenness, the head of the nation's peak medical organisation says”(Raise drinking age to 25, says top doc).Teenagers already make bad decisions as it is and we know that, so raising the drinking age will prevent this further. Not only that, but alcohol is a depressant. If teenagers get a hold of this depressant it could lead to bad decision making such as dropping out of school and even
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